Our Sincere Condolences

The Islamic Society of Boston joins millions of our citizens in condemning and expressing grief at the senseless act of violence we all witnessed on Sunday June 12th in Orlando, Florida. Such actions against fellow human beings go against the very tenets of our faith and cannot be tolerated against any community. The ISB and the Muslim community offer their sincere condolences to the families and to the loved ones of the victims of the shooting at the night club in Orlando. All Americans, and all people, should be able to live their lives without fear of being targeted for their lifestyle, their faith, or the color of their skin. We stand together in denouncing this and every act of violence that is directed at any group, and make clear that this heinous act can never be justified under any circumstances.

The Islamic Society of Boston commends the first responders to this senseless attack for their swift and courageous handling of this incident.


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