Friday Night Lecture - Illuminating the Hearts

We are starting a Friday Night Series Lectures with something different on a rotating basis on every first Friday of the month.

The first lecture will be Tonight at the ISB (Friday March 13 2015).

For Tonight we are having the First halaqa of the Illuminating the Hearts series given by Dr. Mohanad Mossalam.  "Illuminating the Hearts" series aim at lifting the spirit to become closer to Allah. With spiritual topics focusing on matters that inshAllah would soften the hearts for the remembrance of Allah. 

The series will be led by Dr. Mohanad Mossalam, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical school and former MSA president at the University of Utah and one of the Khateebs at the Longwood area.  

Friday Night Series Lectures will be given every first Friday of the month.


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