ISB joins ISBCC in reflecting on events in Paris and Nigeria

All of us at ISBCC and ISB here in Boston are deeply grieving the loss of life by fanatics in Paris and Nigeria. These extremists disgrace Islam, and Muslims worldwide have denounced their senseless violence, as Imam Suhaib and other scholars have made abundantly clear.
I also know that many of us are simultaneously deeply frustrated that the acts of this tiny handful of extremists once again have raised doubts about the Mercy of God and this central tenant at the core of our faith. I feel this frustration myself.
Yet, as opposed to remaining frustrated, it appears to me the Prophetic response to such tragedies is to channel that frustration into re-committing ourselves to being a Mercy to mankind. “The default of our Prophet’s character (Peace be upon him) was Mercy”. At an individual level, let us re-commit ourselves to doing those little acts of kindness that make a big difference in the lives of people: feed the homeless, help a stranger cross the street, or help your neighbor shovel the snow (snow is expected tonight in Boston.) At an institutional and community level, let us re-commit to becoming a benefit to our communities. In Boston, the ISBCC and other mosque’s need to address the homeless crisis, need to help improve our public schools, and work with the city to provide more affordable housing. If you’re interested in getting involved in these initiatives contact Rasha Azoni-Hannigan at
May God help us move in this direction and keep us on the straight path.
Yusufi Vali
Your Executive Director - ISBCC

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