Dawah Training

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Online video and audio dawah training - click here

Beyond the Shahadah
Brief online training session called “Beyond the Shahadah” to assist you in real life situations when someone becomes Muslim with you and takes their shahadah in a street dawah environment. The common question that every da’ee would ask at this stage is: ok, so now that he/she has taken shahadah, what should I do next ? This course will teach you how to help them to build a solid foundation of Islam in their lives from the very beginning of their journey.

It will answer the following important questions that arise around the Shahada:

  • How can I get quality shahadahs?
  • What should I do next?
  • How to effectively keep in touch with a new Muslim?
  • What are the most important points I need to teach him from the very beginning of his journey?
  • Online training session at: http://www.missiondawah.com/training/beyond-the-shahadah/
New Muslims
Muslim Now is the new Muslim department of iERA dedicated to welcome, empower and provide education for New Muslims - click here for more information www.muslimnow.com. Existing Muslims should also take note of this course material so that they may better communicate Islamic practices to new Muslims and non Muslims.

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